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Uniting Muslims and Jews. Bridging to a Better Tomorrow.

What is the Mukhayriq Initiative?

The Mukhayriq Initiative is a new Muslim-Jewish effort that seeks to build on the shared history and shared values that bring Muslims and Jews together, knowing that united our peoples can write a new chapter of an ancient relationship. 

The Mukhayriq Initiative was borne from an understanding that Jews and Muslims have a long, intertwined, and peaceful history together, and that rejects the radicalized elements which aim to divide our two peoples. 

The Mukhayriq Initiative draws inspiration from the partnership forged at the very founding of Islam between the Islamic Prophet Muhammed and his neighbor and ally, Rabbi Mukhayriq. Read More Here.

Join our coalition of Muslims and Jews united for peaceful coexistence! Would you like to bring Mukhayriq Initiative Speakers to your community? Do you have a success story about Jews and Muslims you would like to share with the world? 

Our mission is to unite the Jewish and Muslim communities globally and replace ignorance and bigotry with coexistence and collaboration

Submit Your Innovative Idea for Jewish-Muslim Unity

Are you a social entrepreneur with an idea for an initiative that will bring Muslims and Jews together? The Mukhayriq Initiative invites you to share your innovative solutions to unite Muslims and Jews—whether in your local community—or around the globe. 


Take the Mukhayriq Initiative to social media and inspire your followers to build bridges between Muslims and Jews! With 3 different options, you can mix and match or customize the content that works best for you and your page (across platforms). Happy posting!

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Meet Our Advisory Board


Ellie Cohanim

Former U.S. Deputy Special Envoy to Combat Antisemitism and currently a Senior Fellow with IWF, focusing on Iran-related foreign policy matters and antisemitism.


Anila Ali

Co-founder and acting President of the American Muslim and Multifaith Women’s Empowerment Council (AMWEC), a non-profit women’s and civil rights group whose goal is to empower American Muslim women to fight against prejudice and to lead interfaith outreach projects with other religious communities across the U.S.


El Mehdi Boudra

Founder and chairman of Mimouna, an association of Moroccan Muslims committed to preserving the culture and heritage of the country’s ancient Jewish community and fighting antisemitism in Arab society.


Ahmed Quraishi 

Journalist, author, and a television personality, with two decades of experience in the Pakistan/Gulf/MENA region. He worked as a war correspondent in Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait, Iraq, and Afghanistan for international media organizations, and delivered lectures on the Yemen and Iraq conflicts at international forums, including the United Nations. He has interacted on the ground with the principals in the international coalition on Iraq between 1994-2003. 


Mr. Fiyaz Mughal

Leading British Muslim campaigner against Islamophobia, extremism and antisemitism. Currently a trustee of Muslims Against Antisemitism, a charity whose core mission is to include British Muslims in the fight against antisemitism, and also the founder of some of Britain’s top Muslim organizations including Faith Matters and Tell MAMA.


Mr. Jason Guberman

Mr. Guberman is a social entrepreneur who specializes in building broad coalitions and melding intellectual and technical innovation, is the American Sephardi Federation’s Executive Director, founding Executive Director of Digital Heritage Mapping, and coordinator of DHM’s flagship initiative, the Diarna Geo-Museum of North African and Middle Eastern Jewish Life.


Ms. Nazenin Ansari

Publisher and Managing Editor of Kayhan London and Kayhan Life, two independent media outlets focusing on Iran. Nazenin is also the founding Trustee of Persia Educational Foundation; and a Trustee of the Foreign Press Association (FPA) where she launched the “Dialogue of Cultures” award and the "Women as Agents of Change" symposium. In 2017 she spearheaded the first-ever “Iranian Women’s Leadership Conference.”


Rabbi Dr. Elie Abadie

Rabbi Elie Abadie, M.D. joined the Jewish Council of the Emirates (JCE) in 2020 as its senior and resident rabbi. As the Jewish community in the United Arab Emirates experiences dramatic growth from an influx of Jewish tourists from Israel and the West following the historic signing of the Abraham Accords, Rabbi Dr. Abadie provides spiritual leadership to the local community helping to build and grow Jewish life in the Gulf.

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