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The mission of The Mukhayriq Initiative is to unite Jews and Muslims on a global scale to help overcome ignorance and bigotry with coexistence and collaboration.

For over a millennium, Jews and Muslims have lived side-by-side as neighbors, classmates, colleagues, business partners, and friends. Over the centuries, these intertwined communities formed a dynamic and diverse Judeo-Islamic civilization via shared history, vibrant cultural bonds, and deep connections to homelands. Yet in the present day, appreciation of that shared civilization has frayed. Moreover, some extremists seek to divide Muslims and Jews, using both violence and antagonistic rhetoric to damage the natural affinities between two interwoven branches of the patriarch Abraham’s descendants.

Named for a rabbi who died defending Muhammad at the Battle of Uhud, The Mukhayriq Initiative is inspired by the past to strengthen present bonds between Jews and Muslims – and thus help write an exciting new chapter in our ancient relationship. That few Jews or Muslims have ever heard of Rabbi Mukhayriq reflects a deep challenge, but also presents a special educational opportunity. Re-awakening awareness about the obscured yet powerful friendship between Muhammad and Mukhayriq provides a spark to role-model bold contemporary interfaith leadership.


Our Story

The Mukhayriq Initiative was launched by Muslims and Jews on the frontlines of Muslim-Jewish relations: leaders who have taken risks to build bridges via pioneering programs that make an impact in grassroots communities around the world.

Because of our experiences, we are not naïve about the challenges ahead, including the many sensitive issues and lingering divides that complicate Muslim-Jewish rapprochement. We aim to advance respectful yet honest inter-communal engagement, with an emphasis on celebrating opportunities to overcome together rather than dwell on grievances and disputes.

While fourteen centuries have passed since Rabbi Mukhayriq died defending the Prophet Muhammad, the dynamic legacy of the deep friendship between these two men is more relevant than ever.

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